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otlumie's Journal

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I think the word is 'TV-enthusiast'. (No, not TV-addict, because I could totally stop watching if I wanted to. Except that I really can't.)

I love how LJ is so awesome for fangirling.

Currently watching:

30 Rock. My favorite comedy these days. I'm a big fan of Tina Fey, I want to be like her when I grow up. Also, there's an 80% chance I will tell all my friends that I don't ship Jack and Liz, but secretly I really do.

The Office. I adore this show. I love it's tone, I love the storylines. I love how well the character voices have been developed...

The L word. Just because.

Friday Night Lights. My favorite drama from last year. It's pretty and it makes me cry every now and then. And TV shows don't usually make me cry.

Lost: I'm actually not active in the fandom of this show, but dammit, I love how the show surprises (shocks) me with every episode!

24: Again, I love the unexpected, that comes with every episode.

American Idol: I started watching it only last year (and I'm not American, so I can't even vote and how pathetic is that?), but I have to admit - this show - with all the ratings and stuff - completely sucked me in. And although I never imagined accepting the new kids after season 7 (Oh Michael Johns!) it turns out I'm ready and super excited for the new season.

When I'm not watching TV or movies or I'm busy trying to figure out this life thing or enjoy my classes at my new university (I study TV production, YAY!) or pretend that I'm working at my current workplace or go dancing with my friends or attempt writing comedy myself or something else like that. So, that's me in a nutshell.

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